Hosts – Zofia and Andrzej Wojciechowscy

For 22 years we managed the Jędrusiowa Chata agritourism farm.
Now we live in Dzierżążno Wielkie – close to our grandchildren and children in a beautiful village on the lake.

We live on the edge of the village, near a large grassland, and the forest enters the garden. In Koci Grzbiet it is quiet and peaceful. In a short distance from the house, by the lovely lake, you can swim, fishing , walk with friends or with your dog.

Over 20 years we’ve been looking after horses. To Cat’s back we took Stokrotka – a beloved mare from Wielkopolska, who was born in our country and unharmed, in excellent shape, lived to 20 years. She is accompanied by the Tuptuś. They have known each other since the ½-year-old Tuptuś came to Jędrusiowa Chata.

Pirate runs around our garden – a very nice, friendly and beautiful long-haired wolfman, accompanied by an old man Fuks and a big cat – Filemon.

There are more cats in Cat’s Back – one on the fence, one on the roof catching mice turned in the direction of “where the wind blows”, and other cats accompany guests drinking tea.

We had a lot of successes at Jędrusiowa Chata. Among other things, we won the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region Award in the competition for “The best agritourism facility in Wielkopolska”.
The last one received – to sum up our activity – was the one received in December 2018. in the Ministry of Agriculture for the 4th place in the competition “Headquarters for Medal 2018”. for the best agritourism farms in Poland. Andrzej was honored with the badge “Meritorious for agriculture”.

We invite individual guests, as well as families with children, to the intimate Cat’s Back. The apartments are entered from the garden only for guests. We make sure that everyone feels at ease here and can relax well.

You can make friends with a horse and donkey, visit the neighborhood on a bike (for example, ride on Michałki routes of cycling cross-country tourism), come from the routes of Nordic walking “From flower to flower”. or sunbathe on the lake (300 m from the Cat’s Ridge)
The neighborhood of the Forest makes Cat’s Back a paradise for mushroom pickers.

Fishermens also have what to do????.